How To Identify The Quality Of Weed?

You should have a thorough understanding about weed to make a quality purchase. This depends on who you purchase it from. If you’re a beginner you might get cheated on as they take advantage of your inexperience. We will be focusing on how to differentiate the qualities of weed with waterpipe bong in this article.

One of the most important things to check for is crystals. If there are more crystals, you can be guaranteed that it is a quality batch. You will be able to get high faster. You also need a standard glass smoking pipe. When it comes to the condition of the weed, you should make sure that it is not too dry. If it crumbles easily when you break it up, you can safely assume that the quality is not good. You can keep your weed from getting too dry if you store them in glass jars. It’s not good if your weed is too wet either. This way you won’t be able to keep it for a long time. Check and see whether there are a lot of sticks and seeds in the weed. This is a sign of bad weed. You will have to sort through it all and it will cost you quite some time.

The colour of the weed is significant. The main colour should be green. Sometimes there will be touches of orange, purple and red. But if your weed is brown, then it’s a sure bet that it’s not of good quality. You also need a serviceable bong. Black leaf bongs can be a good substitute for glass bongs that are quite expensive for smokeless pipe. Not just colour, you should also be concerned about the smell. Good weed will have a strong smell. Sometimes it can be so overpowering that you can smell it through the bag. It’s better to store it in smell proof baggies to preserve them.

Another thing to look for is hairs at the end of your weed. A lot of it will ensure that your purchase is of top quality. It depends on who you buy it from as well. If you feel that your weed is sticky, then you will be able to get high on it quicker. The traits given in this article are quite generalised and sometimes you will have to smoke the marijuana to decide on its quality. There are times when weed that you thought was bad turns out to be quite good. You will make these mistakes early on when you’re getting used to it. What counts is how much experience you have. With enough time, if you pay attention to what you buy, you will be able to recognise quality marijuana.