Successful Garage Sales – Tips And Tricks

Are you spring cleaning and need to get rid of some stuff? Why not make back a bit of money with a garage sale? Perhaps you might just be looking to make a little extra cash, or your pockets are rather empty this month to begin with. Having a garage sale is a great way to make a few bucks, and get rid of unwanted but useful stuff in the process. Here are a few suggestions on how to have a successful garage sale.

PricesYou don’t need to mark things too cheaply, especially if they’re in good condition. Check online to find out what the original price of the item is (in today’s market, not when it was first made). Then consider what state the item is in. Items that are in good or mint condition can be priced somewhat near the market value. Don’t mark those designer cushions with the same price at which you bought them, even if they were never used. And don’t try to sell anything in poor condition at all. If you really want to get rid of something that’s in poor condition but can still be used, have an area where anyone can take these for free or donate them.

Trying out the GoodsIt would help if your customers can try things out before they buy them. Your assurance that the digital camera works is not enough. Make sure you keep items like these charged, or have partly used batteries, so that customers can test them out. If you’re selling clothes, have a mirror placed outside so people can at least hold up items and see what might look good on them.

Have Extra HelpMake sure you have plenty of extra pairs of hands on board. You can’t see to everyone at once, especially with the kind of numbers that flock to garage sales. Have a few friends or family members help you with showing people around, watching out for petty thieves, packing up sold items, and handing the cash transactions. You don’t want to be busy trying to convince someone to buy the blankets and throws while a crook is busy looting the tech gear behind your back!

Being Prepared at CheckoutMake sure you have a lot of small bills and change ready before the sale even begins. If you can’t break a fifty, chances are that you won’t make a sale either. Make sure you also have some packing materials on hand, such as cardboard boxes, and plastic or paper bags. Encourage people to use their own bags if they’ve bought some. If you have original boxing for items you’re selling, make sure you use those for packing the relevant items. The original packaging will also help make a sale, especially when it comes to tech gear.Follow these suggestions for an easy and successful garage sale.

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